A Butterfly That Couldn’t Fly

Slow dying death

Like stones on butterfly wings

Still there for aeons now

And once the stones are lifted

It is paralysed

Not from

The wings

But from


It won’t know to fly

Won’t know to flutter

Haven’t known the sky for long

Haven’t seen the green

It still stays

Not flying

But dying

In the embrace of

Black and white.

© Aniket More



Saving The Hippiedom!! ☮ ✌

Run run

They’ve come to take your soul

Hide now

Behind your glasses

Look at them “THE CORPORATES”

As they march

With their attaché cases

And Gucci shoes

Hair parted with American crew

Wearing Clive Christian

Adjusting their frames

Eyes hunting for you

But don’t you be visible


Conceal your lime green Volkswagen

Fear them

They shall take away

Your turtle neck peace tshirts

The Grateful dead CDs

Your grass rolls

The psychedelic dreams


Your freedom

Run to the forest

With your fellows

Your cult shall live forever!

© Aniket More