My Valentine Killed Me

I loved you

Aren’t you going to thank me for that?

Will you?

Do you know me now?

Did I know you then?

Such a mortification!

You killed me

You did


Red visions I remember

You promised me a beautiful day

One that I shall never forget

Well I didn’t forget though

And neither did you forget the plan

Today, do you have another paramore?

Another plan taking over your mind?

Another gift for him?


Thank you

For killing me

On valentine’s day.

© Aniket More



Darkness Foreplay

Preserving the deceased

In monuments

Dark customs

To awaken

The departed

The doorway is open

Summoning the unknown

The one who isn’t dead nor alive

Who is malignant

It was foretold

He will come as the last luna

Chain the souls

Overcast the world

And darkness will reign.

© Aniket More