I will never forget

That you left my hand

When the boat was sinking

That you let me drown
My hope stopped breathing
I silently screamed 
In the mouth of the ocean 
Arrived Leviathan 
From the core of blue and black 
In waters of death 
Limbs surrounded my neck 
Choked me in depths 
Sharp denticles 
Hacked my flesh 
His throat quaffed
The blood I bled 
He dragged me down 
In waters of perdition
My blood turned black 
His eyes rolled back 
His fangs were pressed 
In to my chest 
He whispered your name to me 
His limbs thrust my bleeding neck 
It was you, who fed me to him 
I came to life and then came to death. 
© Aniket More

The Goddess Of Deceit

Oceans bleed in cold waters

Parasites breathe in open mouths

Broken hearts swim on brims of yesterday

Drops of moisture consume the pain

My tears are not wet, but the thoughts are

I told her to not open the box, but she did

I mistook her for a goddess

She appeared and vanished

In the season from which she was born

The box never closed since then.

© Aniket More