God Of Flesh/Flesh Possesion

 I kept clawing in the dark 

Painting the bodies of the sleeping cult. 

I am no other man,

I am the sound of the unholy whisper. 

Writing scriptures on the flesh of the gone. 

I hear of depression and destruction, 

Of conventions and possessions! 

Sleeping face first, my body is taken by him. 

The God of the flesh and sweat 

from the breath. 

I was humane with a thousand names, sleeping in my own flesh. 

Now I burn in fire of his desires, 

Desires of flesh possession.

  © Aniket More 


I Call Destruction Upon This World

  Upon a moonless throne 
I call desecration,

A sacrosanct night was crushed under a vile separation. 

Submitting to the will of the cacodemonic kinds,
Relishing the come of their specious prime. 

Holistic bindings on their pernicious art,
A predominant distortion overwhelmingly assaults. 

Propagating a pulse in the horde of corpse,
Clandestine Offerings performed under the umbra of norse. 

Un-manacled in the odor of doom,
Terminal visions through the orbs of the exhumed. 

  © Aniket More 

My macabre anthology ‘Zero Hour Melancholy’

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Book Overview:

Zero Hour Melancholy unravels sentiments that have, for aeons, been contained in the deepest recesses of the human mind. Inspired by the author’s musings and fears during dark lonely nights, this anthology sheds light on a relatively obscure aspect of the human persona. The assortment of poems, stories and letters reflect the myriad hidden emotions, fears and desires of the human mind.

Zero Hour Melancholy is much beyond heartbreaks and failures. It’s beyond life and the inevitable death; it’s about the other world chained to the living source. Madness can be both lethal and blissful. It is for each one to choose which one to succumb to.

The narrative, once read will bring to the forefront the most gruesome realities of our existence. It will reveal the true extent of our moral depravity and turpitude. Our inner demons will hold hands and walk together with the inhabitants of the underworld. Every single human has a dark persona, this book will help you confront and come to terms with yours.



Intentions flew above the aircraft and a half dreamt dream 
The swimmer was disappointed knowing the time machine could also swim 

A depressed elephant hung himself because he lacked genital girth 

Death, death said the Virgin when she gave a metro-painful birth

Walls ran from China to Indonesia seeking climatic change

They never saved the burning child stating he was anyway deranged 

To all the worlds conquered and blindly led to a race 

The extraterrestrial inhumed us not covering our face. 

  © Aniket More 

A Tall Sun Peaked Over The Moon

Moon flowers wild eyes sucking the universe 
River-sky danced through the night and were carried in a hearse

Predators in a satin forest, a civilised crowd saw the plight 

Lovers walking and then murdered and buried under the bulb light

The last will be left behind and the first will see the witch 

A blind house was haunted with a indie box and blood so rich

Her head was a tree and his hands and axe

Lanterns went out in the moment of murder like sex

Sounds like black winds and naked waves were heard 

No screams felt the noise because her head was eaten by a bird.

  © Aniket More