My macabre anthology ‘Zero Hour Melancholy’

  If I were to sell my macabre anthology ‘Zero Hour Melancholy’ internationally,who would be willing to purchase it? Like this post if so.

Ask for more information if you are interested. Thank you for your support in advance.

Book Overview:

Zero Hour Melancholy unravels sentiments that have, for aeons, been contained in the deepest recesses of the human mind. Inspired by the author’s musings and fears during dark lonely nights, this anthology sheds light on a relatively obscure aspect of the human persona. The assortment of poems, stories and letters reflect the myriad hidden emotions, fears and desires of the human mind.

Zero Hour Melancholy is much beyond heartbreaks and failures. It’s beyond life and the inevitable death; it’s about the other world chained to the living source. Madness can be both lethal and blissful. It is for each one to choose which one to succumb to.

The narrative, once read will bring to the forefront the most gruesome realities of our existence. It will reveal the true extent of our moral depravity and turpitude. Our inner demons will hold hands and walk together with the inhabitants of the underworld. Every single human has a dark persona, this book will help you confront and come to terms with yours.


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