I’ve felt something, I don’t know what. 


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    • Thank you. What I’ve felt is dark and depressing. I see dark woods, and wild eyes and nothing else. I wish I could see a light, but it’s no more there. Your reply means a lot – I feel like I’m being saved.

  1. Breathe, you will fight through this. Deep down you’re searching for something, you want to survive. One day at a time. Once you believe you will get out of the darkness eventually, the hope keeps you going everyday. 🙂 Just believe, that’s all you need to do. I do that every day when i wake up.

  2. I fight with it everyday. I have a chronic illness and have lost my job, friends and love of my life. Everything I’ve worked for. I wanted to kill myself, again. But why has all this happened? We need to find out the secret to happiness, you have to want it my friend. Want it, to get better. Don’t give up, please. xx

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