Should I kill myself, the earth will decompose me – and that’s it.                                    – Aniket More


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  1. For all we humans know that may be true…but then we don’t know it isn’t true either. We know nothing of what happens after, but as for the now…I think we should live for the possibilities: for moments of insight, for inspirations found in all forms of beauty, for the growth of the human soul…the one thing that may continue after day. No energy dies…it simply changes forms.

    • What you speak of implies to someone who has hope and the strength to go on, it doesn’t apply to me. I’m going on for the sake of death and nothing else. Although, I may not know if my end would mean complete closure or the release of soul; I’m ready for anything that comes, because life is pain- it’s a living misery. If it’s not to you, then you are lucky.

      • I know I can’t make you feel any different than you do, because obviously I’m not you, but please don’t belittle my pain because I look at things in a different way. I feel for you and I hope you stay In this life for as long as possible. it’s true that whether you die tomorrow or in 20 years from natural causes death is going to happen like it happens to everyone whether now or later. My comment was mainly to reference the absolute belief about the afterlife as no one knows or can know what happens after death. The only thing that might exist after death ( that doesn’t decompose) is the soul since energy never dies and so if anything it might be good to focus on enriching the soul and growing as a human being while you are here..whatever length of time that may be. Sorry if I offended or upset you in any way as that was not my intention. Take care.

      • Dear Reader,
        You haven’t offended me and I’m sorry for my cruel words. I’m being dark and negative. My intention wasn’t to offend you as well and if I have, I apologise. I wasn’t belittling your pain for everyone’s pain is painful in their body and soul and I have no right to belittle you or anyone- I’m not in any position to do so. I’m sorry for being negative but that’s all I’m left with and hence I blabber, or speak what’s inside me.

        Your discourse about the energy is certainly intriguing and many have tried to touch that topic but have never reached a conclusion and I guess, it will always be a mystery. I have grown and now I’m withering- all that’s left to think of is death.

      • I get it. It’s hard and I have no idea what to say or what the answer is… I wish I did. I wish I could stop the pain for you but I’m not even sure how to do that for myself and it sucks…it just all sucks ya know? Anyway I’m around if you ever want to talk.

      • Dear K,

        First of all I’d like to thank you for taking time to respond to my post. It saves me a bit, you are saving a life and it means a lot. It means everything to me, it means the world. I can only appreciate and thank you for caring.

        I know that you can’t stop the pain, nor can I but I’ll keep trying till I quit.

        Your soul is a lock without a key and mine, a door to darkness.

        Thank you for being here.

        Aniket More

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