Karma Is A Curse Too

I stand here, below this blasphemic sky, with eternal depression in my heart and the skin of suicide, collected from the broken, the betrayed and the slowly dying. I stand here with a collection of the rare yet common pain, dwelling in their heart, mine. I chant and convert it in to a curse, a wretched curse and tonight I’ll send it all away to distant lands, countries, islands and caves. I’ll send it through thin melting air and the asphyxiating atmosphere. I send it to all who have betrayed others, led people to suicide and unwanted depression.
I, we, us, curse you all that in your happiest times, in your most wanted hour, in your smiles, you will gulp our curses. We summon this curse and that it shall dwell in your heart, your body and come alive in your most purest of times. We will be here, gone, forever asleep or slowly dying, and while we slip away in to madness and death, our curse shall feed on you; day by day, minute by minute, and breath by breath. 
Oh believers of God and demon and supernatural powers; The non-conformists, believe in this curse. It will slowly rip you apart; not now, not tomorrow, but one cold day it will crawl on you and it’s inevitable. This curse is called, Karma. 
© Aniket More


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