A Radium Forest

Enter the mystical realms of colour scheme.
Black and white, the sky has died and bled on our purple dreams. 

The throat of the moon, white as a stork, dirty as a feather and delicate as a heart. 
A cluster of lukewarm stars in the sky hiding it’s beloved scars.

Footprints on the sand, shimmering tides, the ocean has given its long due reply.
In nature’s hand, as I understand was a message to call me nigh. 

I awake from a desperate dream in an inviting radium forest.
Glowing scars, in the dark, my tomb held me at my sorest. 

© Aniket More


2 thoughts on “A Radium Forest

  1. Really beautiful.
    I can really imagine the beauty of the poem as I felt I entered mystical realm of the colour scheme 🙂

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