Anecdotes From The Weeping Woods 

A murderous sky, intent black surrounding the passer by. 
The atmosphere reclines, infinite wounds inflicted on this earth. 
Why the fuck are we alive?
We can’t even save our home? we are ebbing. 
Why have the forests fled deep instead of staying out, because they are tired of bleeding, tired of being cut down. 
One by one, the trees fall, and with the night, a nocturnal sight, the forests weep in chorus for the loss of their elder. 
Who is responsible when the forests are burned down? The flames unrecorded, un recovered, set by a matchstick from hell. 
No! I can’t watch this sight. I want to close my eyes. 
No! This can’t be real, do all the oceans fear the red tide? 
Millions of creatures washed on the shore, the red tide has triumphed and made nature it’s whore.
Why won’t we stop this horror? 
Why are we killing what makes us and what keeps us alive?
One night, the world will fled when the forest is dead. Who will save us then? 

© Aniket More


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