My Appointment With God

A palace, divine, crumbling and crushing the living in my mind.
God! Oh sacred deity, your appointment is due, come save me.
Dust, I will become, return to the land.
Come fucking save me! 
You ruthless traitor! 
What have you given to me? This nightmare called life? 
Why do we dance upon the bodies of the dead? Why do we hide behind them when we shoot with riffles? 
The ground opens a scar in healing, the world is in chaos and my God is late. He is fucking late. She is fucking late. 
Do you remember that I’m rotting in silence and time and your so called scriptures that they deem divine. 
The barrier is broken, I’m choking, dementia approaches. 
Rotting universe, rotting is the idea of being, rotting everything.
The moon shatters in to pieces, white and grey-gray. 
Uranus, Saturn collapse to the planets and are no more, the earth is no more. 
I’m floating in time and space, in life and death.
Love lost, a mental thought. 
I’m an immigrant here in space, I’m no longer home.
My world is destroyed, my home is destroyed. My god never came. 
It’s past his appointment. Where the fuck are you? 
Now it’s no more, nothing can be saved and I’m floating in dead space.
My god has finally arrived. Why, oh why did you take so long? 
And with his ascension he pushes a dagger through me betraying me leaving me as a dying atheist. 

© Aniket More


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