I Speak From The Mouth Of The God That Doesn’t Exist

A candle March in to the dark, a flame that burns the city. 
Human being, a hideous thing to walk around this earth and bind it will the spell of his curse. 
An apple eaten in my name, why did you fall for such betrayal? Oh gullible humans from the garden of Eden.
I gave you limbs to walk this earth, to water the plants and to nurture the soil. I didn’t give you limbs to fucking rape, to fucking drive to hell. 
I didn’t lend you a mouth to spit on the graves that once saved you. I didn’t give you meaning so that you could turn me meaningless. 
Why do you rejoice the come of me? Why do you rejoice your own blasphemy?
Are you rotten to the core, dear human? I see it that way. 
Why are you killing in the name of me? No sacrifices needed. 
My mouth is shut, it’s sewn tight by your skin. My words won’t reach you and they won’t teach you. 
Please don’t fucking preach me, I despise you. 
Did you sell humanity for your depraved pleasures? Did you sell your soul to the world under you?
You’re an animal and you are equal to all. 
Equal to the soil and sand, the penumbra and the land. 
You’re a mighty wave, so why are you drowning yourself?
Don’t knell before me, don’t rape in front of my fucking eyes and tell me lies. I see all, I breathe all, I can be all but I can never be you. I will never be you, fucking human.
You fucking monstrosity call yourself humans. You are not paradise, you are a waste, nothing to debate.
Have you heard of karma? Karma is a fucking reaper, sometimes filled with grim and glee. 
Fear it! Fear the wrath of karma. Fear the hands of another human that will choke you when time comes and tides turn.
Remember, I won’t stay quiet any longer. I’m an earthquake in making. I’m the suffocating silence behind my sewn mouth.
Soon, I will force destruction upon your race and there won’t be any innocent left for you are all same to me, born and dead by my mercy.

© Aniket More


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