The Final Breath Of The Jungle

The last flower that withered left a note for you, for humanity to not exist anymore.
The forests, they cried in trees. The leaves turned red and fell on the ground that smelt of hunger but no food.
They eyes of the tiger speak no more, they are silent and dead since the last bullet hit his throat. Merciless killing, a pastime activity that humans have cultivated. 
I am a wild beast, I’m extinction in making, you derelict human. 
Do you fucking kill everything in sight your kind or mine?
Do you take pleasure watching these smoky skies after the fire has doused and taken many with it?
Why do you think of yourself as the greatest of all? Only because you can stand on two feet and act tall?
Why do you wish to belittle others, why not draw a line there, why on the throats of my brothers? 
I am no longer speaking, I’m roaring in to your mind that sleeps in oblivion. 
Wake up and stop killing us in the name of your madness, heed the cries of our sadness.
There is a reason the wolves drag you to their den, but where the fuck is their den? Where the fuck are their homes? You have taken over all. You didn’t heed our call, our desperate call.
Your concrete jungles have destroyed ours and we are no longer green, we are red with the blood of the fallen. 
We shall leave this world when your dagger and bullets pierce through our skin, watching us tremble as our last breath is suffocating within, but we curse you, we curse your race which is an evident disgrace to ever exist on this land. 

© Aniket More


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