I Speak From Above The Ozone Layer 

When the night is quiet, I will swallow the moon.
I’ll be the day and your plight, the ball of fire will now burn you soon.
The day of redemption is upon you, the day of death, a folklore, now to be true. 
I’m the breaker of hemisphere, I’m the awakening in the tides of the volcanoes, I’m transparency, see through. 
You humans, you have brought filth beyond the ozone layer and now it’s depleting, it’s beyond repair.
I’m the mesosphere, dissolving,
I’m the stratosphere suffocation, sweating, unrevealing.
I’m the death of the troposphere, I can no longer bear the fire of the flames that call for annihilation. 
I’m the wailing earth, now burning in the fires of the dark desire that you have brought upon me.
I can no longer save you, I can no longer be your home.
I’m abandonment of the moon, I’m the sadness after death.
I’m the cries of the burning man and the tears of the animals on the land.
I’m the final ray of the sun, I’m the fire in which you will burn.
I’m the flame of extinction and the curse you have called upon yourself.

© Aniket More


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