Dear Humans

Humans, a misblessed race. 
Knee bent, drinking from the holy grail.
The bread is soaked in poison and fed to many.
Holy shit, the lord arrives, he isn’t what you had expected to be, 
He is misconception and agony, he is the deriver of malady and the engager of blasphemy. 
Oh knee benders, give him your head and he’ll give you a coin and a wishing well, but what the fuck will you do with the coin when your head is not there?
The hour of deceiving is upon you, dear humans. I say the hour of deceiving is upon you!
Celebrate the come of the heaven, a pseudo heaven, it’s only a hell veiled in disguise.
Why, oh why? Can you not open your eyes to the gods of the woods? To the gods that live in the trees and the grand sea. To the gods that open their mouth and feed you rain, to the gods of the nature who are now in pain.
How do you dare neglect them? How do you dare lay them in filth? 
How dare you ask for forgiveness when you are the living sin?
Find more gods, I say find more gods of different kind,
Find gods that don’t feed you poison through the bread soaked in wine.

© Aniket More


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