A Grave Of Stars And Humans

Industry made humans, sub-humans.
The modern era witnesses the horror of the destroyers. 
Watch as they march, they engorge upon the living, the putrid living.
The ministries have fallen, curfews can’t stop this horror. 
A national emergency in making, declaration of the come of the serpentine.
Behind close binds they hide, the ones left out, denied. 
Run! Where can you? There is no where to run. 
The earth is round, it’s a fucking globe as they say. 
You’ll only be running in circles, day and night, you can’t escape this.
The era of destruction is upon us and the tides have declared so.
Murder! Murder, in daylight, the skyscrapers witness. 
This is the end of the human race. This is the end of the filth that we had collected for so long. 
Father, where are you? Why have you denied me and declined me? 
The doors to the church are no more open. Where have you fled to? 
Were you synthetic in making? 
You promised life when we pledged allegiance to the church, why are you watching me die behind those blinds? 
I have no faith in you, any more.
I have no faith in this regressing world. 
Needless to say, I’m here to decay.
The end of my time has come to stay.
The rich flee to outer space, but will they make it? Will they survive?
The poor, succumbed to darkness and death so un-divine.
Piece by piece, the world is crumbling. 
Landslides, now a sub-human disaster.
Our last breath is counted as the earth disintegrates and floats in the the outer space.
Bodies, millions and thousands killed in a genocide now afloat.
A grave of humans and stars awake.
The end was imminent is what reads in the prophecy and as all float lifelessly in space, a light in darkness still stays.

© Aniket More


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