Aniket More’s EP: The Reign Of King Vagarath 

Hello people! It’s almost been a year since I’ve posted here. I’ve been too busy but I’m back now with my first EP: The Reign of King Vagarath.
My music is best defined as experi​mental with a hint of electro border​lining dance and and inspired by chip tune music. It can be vaugely defined as Electr​o-Danc​e-Nint​endo not core-E​xperim​ental.

All the songs are programmed and mastered by me.
The copyright for the album cover goes to me.

Note: If you are wondering about the album cover and the weird font, it is meant to be like that as I’m approaching the Nintendocore-chip tune culture. ^_^ 
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Aniket More