5 am – Day 22 

Distance is darkness paying homage to my pain. I think I’m wandering this unknown reality. Silence suffers my screams and I become one with the sound of death. 
© Aniket More


I Am…

I exist in darkness and tainted love. In ruins and funereal winds. I live in deep wounds and sleeping woods. I’m the silence after the chaos of suicide and self-sacrifice. I’m the tears in her eyes and the lump in his throat. I’m the midnight shadow and the sempiternal toll. I’m her betrayal and his broken trust. I’m the ship rust and the drowning body. I’m the pain unzipping his veins and the summer in her winter nights. I’m the novel that was bookmarked but never read. I’m the insides of the God and the coffin buried under their house. I’m not her’s, nor mine; I’m gone but I will partially subsist. 
© Aniket More


They say that everything falls in place, now or later. Life is always passing, taking you with it. Some days are good while some are excruciatingly maddening, but you have to live through it and that you will find yourself and your smile. 
I say, no, nothing falls in place but rather on me. Life is passing but I stand here – still the same, shaking and waiting. All the days are painful and numbing, everything is. I would not fake a smile, I’d rather be sad all the time. 
You might call me pessimistic, but I only speak for myself and not others. If this is how I feel, I do and nothing and no one can change it. I loathe the 21st century and I’ve waited long enough to catch a break, to smile, to find life and now I’m done. 
Will you still call me a pessimist? Go ahead, but I speak nothing but the truth. I must no longer hide the fact that nothing enchants me and that this world is black and white to me, I don’t know how I’m surviving or how I will survive, it’s not happening anymore, no more. I’m still here waiting with a pacing heart and dissolving eyes for things to end, for me to end.
                      – Aniket More 

I guess I’ll never feel like a real person. I hate being possessed by these ancient ghouls that call me every night to join them, to kill myself. I want to sleep and I want to wake up like a real person, but I guess, I’ll never feel like a real person, not today. 
           – Aniket More