Home Is Where Death Is

Deadness arises from the smothering screams of sorrow. 
Divulge, the stream of blood, drink from its mouth. 
I am an arrow, piercing your heart, six gods and a curse. 
Blasphemous my lambs, behold the mark of my saviour.
Leaving my thoughts, far from paradise.
The masses are losing life, a woeful sight. 
Witness a culture of blood and gore, my lord beckoned from a folklore. 
The time is now upon you and me, 
death will set us free, death will now set us free.

© Aniket More



No one will understand you. You are your own mind and heart. No one can define you. They can only destroy you. You define yourself. No one loves you. You either love yourself or hate yourself. No one will catch you when you fall. You have to wake up in a wounded state and heal yourself. No one makes you your’s. If they do, they are lying because they make someone else theirs too. You are yourself, you are your’s and you are truly and completely alone. 
© Aniket More