A Grave Of Stars And Humans

Industry made humans, sub-humans.
The modern era witnesses the horror of the destroyers. 
Watch as they march, they engorge upon the living, the putrid living.
The ministries have fallen, curfews can’t stop this horror. 
A national emergency in making, declaration of the come of the serpentine.
Behind close binds they hide, the ones left out, denied. 
Run! Where can you? There is no where to run. 
The earth is round, it’s a fucking globe as they say. 
You’ll only be running in circles, day and night, you can’t escape this.
The era of destruction is upon us and the tides have declared so.
Murder! Murder, in daylight, the skyscrapers witness. 
This is the end of the human race. This is the end of the filth that we had collected for so long. 
Father, where are you? Why have you denied me and declined me? 
The doors to the church are no more open. Where have you fled to? 
Were you synthetic in making? 
You promised life when we pledged allegiance to the church, why are you watching me die behind those blinds? 
I have no faith in you, any more.
I have no faith in this regressing world. 
Needless to say, I’m here to decay.
The end of my time has come to stay.
The rich flee to outer space, but will they make it? Will they survive?
The poor, succumbed to darkness and death so un-divine.
Piece by piece, the world is crumbling. 
Landslides, now a sub-human disaster.
Our last breath is counted as the earth disintegrates and floats in the the outer space.
Bodies, millions and thousands killed in a genocide now afloat.
A grave of humans and stars awake.
The end was imminent is what reads in the prophecy and as all float lifelessly in space, a light in darkness still stays.

© Aniket More


Human, A Cancer Incurable

I’m god! Who is to say I’m not? 
I’m all that you desire, I’m three eyes from his face, I’m your asexual fire.
I’m all, all that flows from her throat to her lungs, I’m the cancer residing in you, melt, slowly burn.
I’m a disease, forming inside of you, there is no cure for me, I’m fucking depression. 
I’m molten lava, in your eyes, I’m the last flower of your lies, I’m all that you’ve been waiting for.
I’m two faced love, fuck your theories, I’m horror that glows.
Infinite stars, I am, waiting to devour your every dream.
Mindless games, I am, I play with you while you ask for suicide.
I’m human, I’m demon, I’m the god from the place they call earth.
I’m a drunkard, always drunk on the thoughts of lust.
I’m an animal, behaviour cannibal, I’m a corpse being dragged on the land that is not my own.
I’m disgusting and vile, I’m the last bone in your body, you spineless fuck.
I’m human and simply everything else.

© Aniket More

Mechanical Suicide

In to the night of starry skies and the figures of ancient kind, what have I seen? What am I seeing? 
A sky vomiting the moon, darkness eternal spreads across the land and the clocks resting on the tables, alarm clocks go deaf, nearing, closing, the toll of death.
TV screens flicker, no more PlayStation, a black hole appears sucking life in to the screen, sucking baseball fields, an unfriendly dream. The era of materialistic doom has come and is dancing upon our graves.
The fall of Internet, the rise of devices, suicides, hung by the cable that connected the world. Shatter proof glasses no longer bear the burden, they are breaking, machine made teenagers in making.
Earth, now a factory supplying mechanical brains while the sentiments fall deep in to vain. The rise of rebels, but their limbs were amputated, by the machines you call home, by the machines you call your own. 
The concrete society connected by cables and when the wifi is disabled, they all die in pain, the pain of the unknown. 
Real world, the old world, lost to itself, now rooted with machines, a mechanical story of blood and machine lubricant ensues. 

© Aniket More

Dear Humans

Humans, a misblessed race. 
Knee bent, drinking from the holy grail.
The bread is soaked in poison and fed to many.
Holy shit, the lord arrives, he isn’t what you had expected to be, 
He is misconception and agony, he is the deriver of malady and the engager of blasphemy. 
Oh knee benders, give him your head and he’ll give you a coin and a wishing well, but what the fuck will you do with the coin when your head is not there?
The hour of deceiving is upon you, dear humans. I say the hour of deceiving is upon you!
Celebrate the come of the heaven, a pseudo heaven, it’s only a hell veiled in disguise.
Why, oh why? Can you not open your eyes to the gods of the woods? To the gods that live in the trees and the grand sea. To the gods that open their mouth and feed you rain, to the gods of the nature who are now in pain.
How do you dare neglect them? How do you dare lay them in filth? 
How dare you ask for forgiveness when you are the living sin?
Find more gods, I say find more gods of different kind,
Find gods that don’t feed you poison through the bread soaked in wine.

© Aniket More

The Final Breath Of The Jungle

The last flower that withered left a note for you, for humanity to not exist anymore.
The forests, they cried in trees. The leaves turned red and fell on the ground that smelt of hunger but no food.
They eyes of the tiger speak no more, they are silent and dead since the last bullet hit his throat. Merciless killing, a pastime activity that humans have cultivated. 
I am a wild beast, I’m extinction in making, you derelict human. 
Do you fucking kill everything in sight your kind or mine?
Do you take pleasure watching these smoky skies after the fire has doused and taken many with it?
Why do you think of yourself as the greatest of all? Only because you can stand on two feet and act tall?
Why do you wish to belittle others, why not draw a line there, why on the throats of my brothers? 
I am no longer speaking, I’m roaring in to your mind that sleeps in oblivion. 
Wake up and stop killing us in the name of your madness, heed the cries of our sadness.
There is a reason the wolves drag you to their den, but where the fuck is their den? Where the fuck are their homes? You have taken over all. You didn’t heed our call, our desperate call.
Your concrete jungles have destroyed ours and we are no longer green, we are red with the blood of the fallen. 
We shall leave this world when your dagger and bullets pierce through our skin, watching us tremble as our last breath is suffocating within, but we curse you, we curse your race which is an evident disgrace to ever exist on this land. 

© Aniket More

I Speak From The Mouth Of The God That Doesn’t Exist

A candle March in to the dark, a flame that burns the city. 
Human being, a hideous thing to walk around this earth and bind it will the spell of his curse. 
An apple eaten in my name, why did you fall for such betrayal? Oh gullible humans from the garden of Eden.
I gave you limbs to walk this earth, to water the plants and to nurture the soil. I didn’t give you limbs to fucking rape, to fucking drive to hell. 
I didn’t lend you a mouth to spit on the graves that once saved you. I didn’t give you meaning so that you could turn me meaningless. 
Why do you rejoice the come of me? Why do you rejoice your own blasphemy?
Are you rotten to the core, dear human? I see it that way. 
Why are you killing in the name of me? No sacrifices needed. 
My mouth is shut, it’s sewn tight by your skin. My words won’t reach you and they won’t teach you. 
Please don’t fucking preach me, I despise you. 
Did you sell humanity for your depraved pleasures? Did you sell your soul to the world under you?
You’re an animal and you are equal to all. 
Equal to the soil and sand, the penumbra and the land. 
You’re a mighty wave, so why are you drowning yourself?
Don’t knell before me, don’t rape in front of my fucking eyes and tell me lies. I see all, I breathe all, I can be all but I can never be you. I will never be you, fucking human.
You fucking monstrosity call yourself humans. You are not paradise, you are a waste, nothing to debate.
Have you heard of karma? Karma is a fucking reaper, sometimes filled with grim and glee. 
Fear it! Fear the wrath of karma. Fear the hands of another human that will choke you when time comes and tides turn.
Remember, I won’t stay quiet any longer. I’m an earthquake in making. I’m the suffocating silence behind my sewn mouth.
Soon, I will force destruction upon your race and there won’t be any innocent left for you are all same to me, born and dead by my mercy.

© Aniket More


No one will understand you. You are your own mind and heart. No one can define you. They can only destroy you. You define yourself. No one loves you. You either love yourself or hate yourself. No one will catch you when you fall. You have to wake up in a wounded state and heal yourself. No one makes you your’s. If they do, they are lying because they make someone else theirs too. You are yourself, you are your’s and you are truly and completely alone. 
© Aniket More