Inside My Head

Breathing, inside this coffin they call the world. 

Cold shadows, houses on fire, what is this sacramental desire?

Design this crime fading from my sight, I will never see how I’ve killed myself. 

Decipher the meaning of what the gods have spoken, the torment awakens. 

I live, I wake, I breathe and then I sleep.

I am becoming what I’ll never be, I know that this will end in death.

© Aniket More


Human, A Cancer Incurable

I’m god! Who is to say I’m not? 
I’m all that you desire, I’m three eyes from his face, I’m your asexual fire.
I’m all, all that flows from her throat to her lungs, I’m the cancer residing in you, melt, slowly burn.
I’m a disease, forming inside of you, there is no cure for me, I’m fucking depression. 
I’m molten lava, in your eyes, I’m the last flower of your lies, I’m all that you’ve been waiting for.
I’m two faced love, fuck your theories, I’m horror that glows.
Infinite stars, I am, waiting to devour your every dream.
Mindless games, I am, I play with you while you ask for suicide.
I’m human, I’m demon, I’m the god from the place they call earth.
I’m a drunkard, always drunk on the thoughts of lust.
I’m an animal, behaviour cannibal, I’m a corpse being dragged on the land that is not my own.
I’m disgusting and vile, I’m the last bone in your body, you spineless fuck.
I’m human and simply everything else.

© Aniket More

They Write About Love And Loss For Their Paramour While I Write About My Love And Loss For The World

She left you and a war behind, in your head. Your heart is at stake and so is the world. 
Bodies fallen, headless, mutilation of the civilians. What about their lost love? 

He walked away, far away without a reason to display and never returned. You cried for days and months of horror crept on your skin.
At them same time, a solider left, his mother waved him goodbye with a promise of return. He walked away with a loaded gun to serve his country and never returned. She cried for moons, moons passed, the sun died at last and took him with the night. 

Why won’t he love me, you ask? Why won’t he care for me you say?! And it takes your breath away, you choke with misery and failure. 
But when you cry to sleep, a small creature weeps in a long lost alley who is abandoned by his master. He waits for his ascension which is in vain for his master will never return leaving him in abandonment and internal maim. He asks the same question and in depth, receives no response but silence instead. 

Why was I never enough? Why did she leave me for someone else? You yell at the sky asking the clouds that pass by. You imbibe from the transparent bottle that keeps you intoxicated and sane.
Somewhere, they scream in agony and terror in a third world while they are being sold as slaves. They are being sold to a man-made hell. They ask no questions for the sky won’t respond nor the heaven that they believe in for their lord has forsaken them in to the hands of a disgust called human. 

© Aniket More

To Death And Beyond

Nightmares calling to the edge of the dark. A lonely heart turning putrid, dusk to disembark. 

Tide marks fading, no more anticipating drowning bodies. A sun dragged by the horizon, Non-vertical abyss.

A strange calling from the noose of the used. A final wail from the throat of the refused.

Departure greeting the relentless rain, A woeful season submerged in ageless pain. 

© Aniket More