Mechanical Suicide

In to the night of starry skies and the figures of ancient kind, what have I seen? What am I seeing? 
A sky vomiting the moon, darkness eternal spreads across the land and the clocks resting on the tables, alarm clocks go deaf, nearing, closing, the toll of death.
TV screens flicker, no more PlayStation, a black hole appears sucking life in to the screen, sucking baseball fields, an unfriendly dream. The era of materialistic doom has come and is dancing upon our graves.
The fall of Internet, the rise of devices, suicides, hung by the cable that connected the world. Shatter proof glasses no longer bear the burden, they are breaking, machine made teenagers in making.
Earth, now a factory supplying mechanical brains while the sentiments fall deep in to vain. The rise of rebels, but their limbs were amputated, by the machines you call home, by the machines you call your own. 
The concrete society connected by cables and when the wifi is disabled, they all die in pain, the pain of the unknown. 
Real world, the old world, lost to itself, now rooted with machines, a mechanical story of blood and machine lubricant ensues. 

© Aniket More


Let The Forests Grow and The Rivers Flow

The end of our time, the face of the crime.
Humanity, evolved and then de-evolved.
What have we achieved apart from burning bodies and mourning souls?
What will become of me, become of you, become of us?
There is no hope, despair reigns. 
I don’t want to know how the economy works, I don’t want to walk the steps to a successful business.
I just want to see the forest grow and cry when the rain pours down. 
I want this concrete society to be earth again, land again, mud again.
I crave to wipe the face of machines of this land that hold us slaves, I crave to bring the dead back to life. 
The sun, a wild spectator, day by day witnessing the horrors of the natural.
Weeping lands, the rivers can no longer be pure, we are impure by the grace of humanity.
What woeful dream had come to someone in which he designed human? 
I am appalled by my existence and I only hope this ends soon, that we end soon. 

© Aniket More

Anecdotes From The Weeping Woods 

A murderous sky, intent black surrounding the passer by. 
The atmosphere reclines, infinite wounds inflicted on this earth. 
Why the fuck are we alive?
We can’t even save our home? we are ebbing. 
Why have the forests fled deep instead of staying out, because they are tired of bleeding, tired of being cut down. 
One by one, the trees fall, and with the night, a nocturnal sight, the forests weep in chorus for the loss of their elder. 
Who is responsible when the forests are burned down? The flames unrecorded, un recovered, set by a matchstick from hell. 
No! I can’t watch this sight. I want to close my eyes. 
No! This can’t be real, do all the oceans fear the red tide? 
Millions of creatures washed on the shore, the red tide has triumphed and made nature it’s whore.
Why won’t we stop this horror? 
Why are we killing what makes us and what keeps us alive?
One night, the world will fled when the forest is dead. Who will save us then? 

© Aniket More

Unmaking Of Mother Earth

Rude visions of doors closing on one another. 

Humans behind shatter proof glass, watching over experiment subjects.

Lost belongings to the wind and the sea.

Rampant trees slap against the sun, against the temperature, against all that returns to dust.

Shrinking, slowly, slow-ly, the world is.

Ruins of the modern world left to history.

Geography is blasphemy.

A perfect world is only an idea.
© Aniket More

The Dark World Problems

Thirsty crows like wolves smothered under a seismic wave.
Teens with guns and broken dreams sleep voluntarily in their grave.

Modern incantations and ritual schemes rise a blood soaked moon. The ones alive lie in their bed praying that death would come soon.

Whirlwinds in water bodies engulfing manmade creations, While them back at home slip in to the void maintaining suicidal relations.

And silence meets the departing sands exhaling destruction. Another life sucked in to the void under self mutilation.

© Aniket More



Intentions flew above the aircraft and a half dreamt dream 
The swimmer was disappointed knowing the time machine could also swim 

A depressed elephant hung himself because he lacked genital girth 

Death, death said the Virgin when she gave a metro-painful birth

Walls ran from China to Indonesia seeking climatic change

They never saved the burning child stating he was anyway deranged 

To all the worlds conquered and blindly led to a race 

The extraterrestrial inhumed us not covering our face. 

  © Aniket More 

A Tall Sun Peaked Over The Moon

Moon flowers wild eyes sucking the universe 
River-sky danced through the night and were carried in a hearse

Predators in a satin forest, a civilised crowd saw the plight 

Lovers walking and then murdered and buried under the bulb light

The last will be left behind and the first will see the witch 

A blind house was haunted with a indie box and blood so rich

Her head was a tree and his hands and axe

Lanterns went out in the moment of murder like sex

Sounds like black winds and naked waves were heard 

No screams felt the noise because her head was eaten by a bird.

  © Aniket More