Inside My Head

Breathing, inside this coffin they call the world. 

Cold shadows, houses on fire, what is this sacramental desire?

Design this crime fading from my sight, I will never see how I’ve killed myself. 

Decipher the meaning of what the gods have spoken, the torment awakens. 

I live, I wake, I breathe and then I sleep.

I am becoming what I’ll never be, I know that this will end in death.

© Aniket More

Home Is Where Death Is

Deadness arises from the smothering screams of sorrow. 
Divulge, the stream of blood, drink from its mouth. 
I am an arrow, piercing your heart, six gods and a curse. 
Blasphemous my lambs, behold the mark of my saviour.
Leaving my thoughts, far from paradise.
The masses are losing life, a woeful sight. 
Witness a culture of blood and gore, my lord beckoned from a folklore. 
The time is now upon you and me, 
death will set us free, death will now set us free.

© Aniket More

Death, Truly Imminent

A ceremony of departure ensues.
The third eye awakens, the god of muse. 
Faces appear in the water and the night sky.
They beg to decipher the meaning of goodbye.
The mouth of torment has no teeth,
yet it devours all that can breathe.
Death brings a dark treat and a gift of curse.
A smile visits the god’s face, blissfully perverse. 

© Aniket More

Someone Please Tell Her That Her Beloved Son Has Died As A Martyr In The War

Since you’ve been gone, my blood has turned black, I’ve cut my nails to my point where my fingers bleed.
I’ve been talking to flowers that have withered away. I’ve been asking them about your whereabouts. 
Where are you son? Where is your soul?
I’ve spoken to darkness for long, I’ve asked to see your face that has been so long gone. 
The lake no more speaks to me, it cries a waveful symphony. 
I’ve asked the winter to bring you back because the summer has deceived me when I asked the last. 
I’ve dug the bodies of your long gone friends but they fail to tell me if you are doing well.
My tears, the ocean of melancholy, call to the ocean to drown me if you’ve already drowned.
My son, where are you? 
I cannot smell you on your clothes anymore. Please come back home. Your room is empty as me and your pictures, now speak of you as an absentee. 
Come home! I beg you, please come home. 
Years have passed, I cannot last any longer, my body isn’t no more stronger.
I’m pale now and slowing fading but I remember you, I’ll always do, and never forget your eyes that gave me hope when you left. 

© Aniket More