Forever is a lie, the present isn’t.

                                      – Aniket More



They say that everything falls in place, now or later. Life is always passing, taking you with it. Some days are good while some are excruciatingly maddening, but you have to live through it and that you will find yourself and your smile. 
I say, no, nothing falls in place but rather on me. Life is passing but I stand here – still the same, shaking and waiting. All the days are painful and numbing, everything is. I would not fake a smile, I’d rather be sad all the time. 
You might call me pessimistic, but I only speak for myself and not others. If this is how I feel, I do and nothing and no one can change it. I loathe the 21st century and I’ve waited long enough to catch a break, to smile, to find life and now I’m done. 
Will you still call me a pessimist? Go ahead, but I speak nothing but the truth. I must no longer hide the fact that nothing enchants me and that this world is black and white to me, I don’t know how I’m surviving or how I will survive, it’s not happening anymore, no more. I’m still here waiting with a pacing heart and dissolving eyes for things to end, for me to end.
                      – Aniket More 

I Call Destruction Upon This World

  Upon a moonless throne 
I call desecration,

A sacrosanct night was crushed under a vile separation. 

Submitting to the will of the cacodemonic kinds,
Relishing the come of their specious prime. 

Holistic bindings on their pernicious art,
A predominant distortion overwhelmingly assaults. 

Propagating a pulse in the horde of corpse,
Clandestine Offerings performed under the umbra of norse. 

Un-manacled in the odor of doom,
Terminal visions through the orbs of the exhumed. 

  © Aniket More